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SOMMER Polska, famous for its individual approach to customer requirements, is a pioneer in the field of vehicle production for the poultry industry. Our semi-trailers are very popular among companies dealing with the slaughter of poultry as well as carriers providing services for this industry. Each vehicle is configured directly by the customers and created from scratch with their participation. However, the standard equipment of semi-trailers is both the stainless steel floor and the frame, which is subjected to a hot-dip galvanizing process. Another necessary element of a livestock trailer is the heat removal system from the inside. The front and back walls have sliding blinds that allow the interior ventilation to be graded. The side tarpaulins, in turn, are made of a net with greater weight to allow for air exchange. The necessary equipment for each semi-trailer adapted to container loading is the roof lifting system. The operator only opens the tarpaulin and uses a special switch to lift the roof +750 mm, thus ensuring free loading of containers with poultry. Not every farm provides a forklift, which is why SOMMER semi-trailers may have docking for a forklift that complies with the EU directive. The bumper is foldable, which allows the forklift to be adapted. Due to difficult conditions on farms, customers praise SOMMER vehicles for the stiffness of the structure, but at the same time low weight allowing for optimal loading of the livestock.

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