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1935 to 1968

  • Establishment of a wheelhouse workshop in Bielefeld and its extension to a production plant specializing in vehicle construction and repair.


1968 to 1993

  • Expansion of the enterprise on a European scale. Establishment of plants in Germany, France and Russia.




  • Establishment of the WST Zapole plant in Poland, and then transformation into the Sommer Polska company.



  • The company's development from a factory producing semi-finished products to a European manufacturer of trailers, semi-trailers and bodies.

  • Winning many words of appreciation for innovative solutions in transport vehicles, including Złota Burta Poznań Motor Show and the Gold Medal at the International Poznań Fair.



  • Takeover of plants in Laucha (D) and Brzeźnio (PL) and their development under the management of two shareholders: Franz Tropsch and Alexander Tietje.


2010 do dzisiaj

  • ncreasing the area in Laucha by 50% and adjusting the plant for production and serial logistics while simultaneously expanding the machine park in Brzeźno, and, in particular, the launch of a laser sheet metal processing workshop in the Polish factory.

  • Expansion of the service and post-warranty repairs.

  • Development in the field of design.

  • Expansion of markets outside of Europe.

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