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SOMMER bodies for courier package transport combine a variety of equipment specially adapted for courier transport, created for fast and safe parcel reloading.

Depending on the type of side wall, in addition to boards recessed into the wall or attached on the sides of the body, the courier body has built-in rails to secure the load. It's the so-called SALS system. Thanks to the attached adapters for attaching the load belts, it is possible to fasten them in any part of the vehicle and from any angle. The optional load securing netting provides additional load protection..



The equipment with a roller table and folding shelves allows for faster reloading of packages

Wooden shelves can be folded and attached to the wall

The specially constructed roller table has a wide surface adapted to folding wooden shelves.

Indoor lighting is the basic equipment of bodies for courier packages

The optional roller table is extremely easy to use. It allows quick loading on the ramp

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